TITAN's Unparalleled Resources

Our years of proven experience and traction has enabled us to curate an extensive network of resources and partners from various sectors.

TITAN Cross-border Bootcamp

Immerse yourself in a 5-day rapid-acceleration across multiple cities in Fujian China, giving you and your team the chance to interact with investors, government officials, and senior executives from leading companies relevant to your industry. We will also hold in-depth in-person experience networking events with local Chinese and Expat entrepreneur mentors within our startup community. The Cross-border Bootcamp will also include factory inspections/tours and some of Masterclasses that are relevant to your industry. Our Director will have one-on-one meetings to ascertaining the appropriate local partner(s) within our trusted network.


Cross-Border Bootcamp - Masterclasses

TITAN’s Masterclasses for conducting business in China are ideal for professionals and teams who endeavor to build more successful business relationships with Chinese colleagues, suppliers, clients, and gain cultural awareness.

Cross-Border Bootcamp - Factory Tours

We provide you with a trusted list of vendors to match your specific needs. Visit to the factory will help you in making the right decisions.


Cross-Border Bootcamp - Government

Our team will arrange meetings with local government to discuss investment and subsides. Fast-track your growth to the next level with government relationships for partners and channel.

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Develops a high-level go-to-market strategy, accelerate strategic thinking and identify how to best position your business or technology for maximum success in China. Learn how to tackle specific challenges, risks and hurdles confronting your market entry and develop plans to excute on.