Our Approach

TITAN believes in a soft-landings, our Cadet Incubator utilizes its vast network for an indie to succeed, with long-term cultivating in the ideal path, up to the product’s completion.

Cadet Incubator doesn’t take equity or ownership. Your studio will remain 100% independent. Therefore, our business model is based strictly on revenue-share: we share the risk with you, and we are devoted to accelerating your success to product’s completion, and beyond.



Cadet Incubator Program is seeking aspiring entrepreneurs in the areas of video games, peripherals, animation, simulation and VR/AR/MR. We select the most promising project or idea for our Cadet Accelerator Program which may be eligible for funding of up to $100,000 investment.

Level 1

Cadet’s share: 10% share of the game’s net revenues.

Premium co-working space conducive to creativity, you’ll be surrounded by fellow game developers, animators, and access to the hardware and software equipment that you need.

By joining Cadet community, you join its network as well, which includes experienced mentors, service providers, publishers and other key stakeholders.

We can assist with your company registration, accounting services, legal or financial advice.

Level 2

Cadet’s share: 20% share of the game’s net revenues.

(Includes Level 1 Services)

Quality Assurance personnel and equipment for multi-platform testing, Customer support and more, offered by experienced native professionals.

Cadet’s concentrates on organic growth and guerrilla marketing, we will use our resources with micro KOL’s, Vloggers, and Bloggers to help your game reach a critical mass of users.

Placement and distribution are very important for a successful game launch, we work very closely with our publishing partners like Tencent Games and Alibaba Games to ensure best exposure and feature listing.

Level 3

Cadet’s share: 30% share of the game’s net revenues.

(Includes Level 1 & 2 Services)

$50,000 development funding

Cadet "Moon Mission" offers a development grant of up to 50,000 USD per project.


Before registering for the Cadet program, we recommend you review thoroughly the Cadet Accelerator and Incubator Program pages and our FAQ, if you haven’t done so already.