Company Setup

We offer International startups/SME’s a great opportunity for a soft landing in China Market and to expand quickly to all of Asia. We can ensure a soft-landing by assisting in a fast and easy company registration.

Factory Tours

We provide you with a trusted list of vendors to match your specific needs. Visit to the factory will help you in making the right decisions. Arranging trips – including invitation letter, visa, accommodation, itinerary, appointments with factories.


TITAN Cross-border Legal Services, our legal partners provide a range of legal services including: taxation, trade law, complex M&A, estate planning and asset protection, litigation, arbitration and judgment enforcement and prosecution, immigration, intellectual property, real property, and other corporate transactions.


Sample Production provides Entreprenuers with the resources they need to go from idea to prototype to production to market. The Titan’s Lab is a digital fabrication service bureau offering a sample development studio and small-run manufacturing facility, equipped with the latest technology production.

Social Media

We provide you with an in depth knowledge of how to develop and market your online brand in China. We will help manage your official social media accounts and post your translated branded messaging.


Source Management can be a stumbling block for many new Entrepreneurs. Sustainability is the key to building a ethical brand, we will introduce you to trusted vendors and help you develop ethical policies for new vendors.

Join our TITAN Cross-border Bootcamp

Immerse yourself in a 5-day rapid-acceleration across multiple cities in Fujian China, giving you and your team the chance to interact with investors, government officials, and senior executives from leading companies relevant to your industry.