Cadet is a global Digital Media, Gaming Incubator and Accelerator

Cadet Program is seeking aspiring entrepreneurs in the areas of video games, peripherals, animation, simulation and VR/AR/MR. We select the most promising project or idea, guide them through the process to avoid typical mistakes, and provide them with all the talent, resources, industry mentors, processes/procedures, motivation and marketing power that is necessary to launch, establishing and operating sustainable enterprises.

Cadet Includes

Cadet Program includes co-working space & equipment, mentorship from industry leaders, major studio visits, development services, legal & accounting services, media & creative, PR & marketing, KOL & Vloggers, sponsorships, and publishing.

Cadet Process

Teams learn how to build, validate and release their first title within three months landing in Fuzhou. “Graduation” is demo day and the next three months will focus on how to be a self-sustaining studio (with their team, offices, resources, and revenue streams).

Cadet Investment

TITAN Accelerator will acquire 10% equity for its program and cash investment. $100,000, $50,000 is attributed to the cost of the program, which is paid for by 26 Latitude Investments. Participances also receive access to partner services valued at $1,800,000



Major Local Studio Network

We've spent the last four years consulting for the major game studios in Asia. Cadet Accelerator program works with local partners like IGG, Net Dragon and onemt to explore the opportunities together. Our Partner talent pool is 28,000+ just in Fuzhou, with access (via partnerships) to another 900,000+ more.

Investment & Publishing Partners

TITAN Accelerator works with the leading gaming/media investment and publishing companies in Asia.


About Cadet Incubator

We take a unique approach to indie growth. TITAN believes in a soft-landing, our Cadet Incubator utilizes its vast network to assist the indies' success, with long-term cultivating on the idea path, up to the product’s completion.