TITAN Bytes program is seeking the best entrepreneurs across the entire food value chain, from AgTech, manufacturing and supply chains, to food safety, waste reduction and traceability. Three month immersive training and development of your team to improve their business model and skills with top industry mentors, weekly pitch practice, pilot testing, field trips to industrial leaders and at the end of the program, demo days where you will get the chance to pitch to our global network of investors and governmental bodies.


TITAN Cadet is a global startup accelerator program that focuses exclusively on game studios and start-ups. The Cadet program is 3 months of immersive training and development of and provides mentoring for your team to improve their business and game quality skills with top industry mentors, weekly pitch practice, play testing, field trips to successful game studios and at the end of the program, demo days where you will get the chance to pitch to our global network of investors and publishers.


TITAN Craftsman startup/designers’ program will work very closely with key decision makers and experts within product development, furniture and furnishings depending on the solution. We lower the barriers for exploration upfront and together investigate commercial opportunities, accelerate growth and case-by-case engagement. Craftsman is looking for startups that are working the larger challenges we see around affordability, accessibility and sustainability.


TITAN Fellows is a healthcare-focused accelerator for pharmaceuticals, digital health, and medical devices. Dedicated to advancing digital health solutions intended for early stage companies with a product in the market or product-ready prototype. The program offers an opportunity to meet healthcare leaders and network with other start-up founders from across the country. Fellows three month program includes mentorship, maker center, workshops, pilot launch and investment for production.


TITAN Maritime Objective is to create an innovation ecosystem for corporations and startups that generates new business, speeds up heavy industry development and strengthen Fuzhou’s One-Belt, One-Road Maritime Hub. We are bringing together maritime corporations, government support with great impact and fast-moving startups with momentum. In our three-month accelerator program, the best will join together 26 Latitude ventures.


TITAN Mobility focuses on nurturing the Connected Transport Startup Ecosystem, with our élite Soft-Landing Program that specializes in creating partnerships between Chinese and European entities operating in the public/private sphere. We provide companies an opportunity to test market their product, solutions and work closely with Chinese OEM / Integrators / Startups to develop new technologies.


TITAN Protégé Program is a seed stage startup accelerator that leverages the strengths of Fujian's superior textile industry. We build brands digitally by incubating them in a growth inducing environment with our in-house teams to support you from sketch to production. In Asia, the costs to build a company and the technical barriers to enter the market are diminishing fast, native market experience and strong brand strategy are imperative to building your brand in Asia and internationally.


TITAN Synth program gives a boost to startups who need assistance rapid prototyping automated kiosk, drone, and robotics or need to take their prototype to production. We will help validate your product or service with collaboration partners and pilots.


TITAN Electro is a unique opportunity for startups in the software/app and electronic device industry for market validation, partner development. Early stage companies with a product in the market or product-ready prototype will be pilot tested, and scaled, by collaborating with the best in the business.


TITAN Corporate Deep-Dive

TITAN Corporate Teams will receive essential knowledge about Chinese entrepreneurs, consumers and how employees think and act. Through our well-designed business cases, Members will be fast-tracked to apply the knowledge learned for a smoother transition to start or manage their business unit in China.

TITAN Cross-border Bootcamp

Immerse yourself in a 5-day rapid-acceleration across multiple cities in Fujian China, giving you and your team the chance to interact with investors, government officials, and senior executives from leading companies relevant to your industry. We will also hold in-depth in-person experience networking events with local Chinese and Expat entrepreneur mentors within our startup community.


Review our services if you are considering expanding to Asia and need assistance with corporate and culture training, marketing/PR, company setup/registration, accounting, or sourcing/factory tours.