TITAN Mobility Cross-Border Soft-Landing Platform

TITAN Mobility focuses on nurturing the Connected Transport Startup Ecosystem, with our élite Soft-Landing Program that specializes in creating partnerships between Chinese and European entities operating in the public/private sphere. We provide companies an opportunity to test market their product, solutions and work closely with Chinese OEM / Integrators / Startups to develop new technologies.

Our program is actively pursuing startups who specialize in Artificial Intelligence, LIDAR, RADAR, Vehicle Cyber Security, Auto Tech/IT Solutions, Electric Mobility, Engine optimization, Glass Tech, Battery Efficiency, Ride Share, Transportation segment solutions and who wish to leverage China’s OEMs for their product piloting, market test runs and setting up their distribution network and manufacturing in Asia.

We also give preferences to startups who have already graduate through our China Bootcamp program or have been invested by 26 Latitude Investments, Accredited Investors and have been part of International Incubation and Accelerator programs or are part of global recognized incubators.

The TITAN Mobility Cross-Border program offers International startups a great opportunity for a soft landing in China Market and to expand quickly to all of Asia.